Beeswax Candles

Why go to the expense of buying beeswax candles?

A fact that we were ignorant of until we got in to honey is that the point of having beeswax candles is that they purify the air. 'Normal' paraffin based candles pollute the air.  

Bees on the honeycomb

Beeswax candles are more expensive than their paraffin counterparts because the raw material is more expensive to buy, but their burn-rate is generally much longer so they can therefore be more economical. Beeswax candles are 100% natural and pure and also have the subtle aroma of honey which enhances any home. It burns cleanly and emits negative ions that purify the air. It does not contain toxic chemicals and it does not produce smoke or soot while burning.  

Sadly though, similar to the issues surrounding honey itself, not all beeswax candles are what they should be. Cheap beeswax can be imported from unscrupulous countries who have little in the way of regulations surrounding chemical usage in and around the hives. These chemicals find their way in to the beeswax and are often toxic and should not therefore be burned and inhaled, and completely defeat the object of using beeswax candles in the first place. 

The bottom line is; nature has made a product nigh on perfect, who are we to interfere with that? Be wary of any purported beeswax candles that smell of anything other than honey. Nothing; no perfume, no essential oils, no colouring, nothing, needs to be added to this 100% natural product.

Beeswax functions differently to paraffin based wax. As the candle burns, it 'consumes' the beeswax, unlike a conventional candle which melts and drips and releases toxic vapours into the air. However, business being business, there are some unscrupulous producers of beeswax candles who use additives or hardeners in order to speed up the manufacturing process, some also coat their moulds with a release spray which can be toxic, so it is always advisable to purchase from trusted suppliers. 

Please note: A whitish deposit can sometimes appear on beeswax candles over a period of time.  This is known as 'bloom' and is a result of the natural components of the wax rising to the surface. Please be assured, this is a sign of a high quality beeswax candle, however, it can easily be removed by gently wiping the candle with a clean cloth.