About Us

Gary and Karen Simpson would like to offer you a warm welcome to their site,

Honeyman's Raw and Organic Honey

Gary and Karen Simpson in Slavyantsi

In the Summer of 2016 we decided to launch our business exporting quality Bulgarian products to the UK. We had lived in Bulgaria for 2 years and had fallen in love with the beauty and simplicity of the country and wanted to help small, independent traders to find a market for their products and skills. To see our other products, please visit our sister site: atasteofbulgaria.com

Honey was the first product that we sourced when we launched our company.  We had done a lot of research on honey and were frankly amazed and more than a little disturbed by what we unearthed.

Prior to our research we thought, like most people, that 'honey was honey', end of story, but although all honey might be created equal, what happens to it next is a whole other story!

In the following few pages we will try and encapsulate the 'facts' about honey and honey production so that you too can make informed choices and decisions the next time you purchase your honey.

One thing we are absolutely certain of though, is that once you have tasted pure, unadulterated raw honey,

you will definitely think twice before purchasing bog-standard supermarket honey in the future!